July 14, 2024

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Meridian Social Media Influencers Attract Younger Buyers

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Meridian Furniture, a fast-growing furniture brand serving retailers and designers with a vast, ever-changing product line of reasonably priced, high-style designs sourced globally, is helping traditional brick-and-mortar furniture retailers attract a new audience of millennial and Gen Z consumers. Best Buy Furniture is among them.

“Independent furniture stores selling Meridian have seen increased traffic with younger customers coming in to furnish their living space with more contemporary pieces,” said Michael Rosilio, president of Meridian Furniture. “Social media has made it possible to reach customers that otherwise might not have known about us.”

Best Buy Furniture, located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is a three-store traditional brick-and-mortar chain that features the brand, promoted through leading influencers and a strong social media presence. According to Best Buy Furniture Chief Executive Jordan Lulu, Meridian Furniture, which offers top quality, trendy furniture with unique designs, has been a go-to partner, especially when targeting celebrity influencers. 

“Not only were the product styles what they wanted, but the price points were unbelievable,” said Lulu. “Meridian gives us the designer looks influencers and celebrities want for half the price. We’ve done a lot of work on influencing. We had never seen such a big increase in sales before posting on social media and running ads on Instagram, Facebook and Google, and we do all that in-house. And it helps that Meridian has the overall aesthetic, appeal, and packaging that young consumers love.”

Influencers well-known to the TikTok generation such as “Food God,” formerly known as Jonathan Cheban, who made appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and YouTube star Jake Paul have taken to Instagram and TikTok to share their homes being furnished by Best Buy Furniture, and Lulu has furnished homes for free in exchange for social media posts. Part of why the 26-year-old’s marketing approach is successful is because he’s connecting with influencers that millennials and Gen Z are interested in. So far, Best Buy Furniture has garnered over 174,000 followers across all social media platforms, with at least one social media influencer—Ed Bassmaster—who pranked salespeople on the floor garnering more than a million views.

“We’re shifting a lot of our attention online, to our e-commerce website. Customers can purchase Meridian Furniture at any of the three Best Buy Furniture suburban locations, two in Pennsauken, New Jersey, and one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we can place an order and ship something directly to California or Missouri or Boston or any other city in the U.S. for really competitive pricing. It’s rare for manufacturers to give us that backend system and support to be able to cater to all these customers,” said Lulu.    

Meridian Furniture supplies a growing roster of leading retailers and designers with upholstered furniture designs and case goods for nearly every room in the home. With a constant flow of new products in multiple categories, in stock and ready for delivery, the company is leading the way in trend-right goods that appeal to how consumers want to live and shop today. Visit Meridian Furniture’s website, www.meridianfurniture.com for more.


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